TOK Oral presentation - What is Beauty?

TOK Oral presentation - What is Beauty?

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It is difficult to assess the question of to what extent perception defines beauty, as sometimes our perceptions can be misleading. When looking at how perception gives meaning to beauty an answer of how we as knowers first develop our perception must be answered. 

If reality is both subjective and objective it must mean that some of the perceptions people have are being manipulated upon them and that image projected can distort the meaning of beauty an example being the slide show of the different men with their descriptions giving a different perception of who the person was, some people were described as immoral people but in reality they were known as heroes of past. The information provided was manipulated to make us students react a certain way and make assumptions about these people, hiding their true "beauty" and the kind of people they really were was hidden. If reality is subjective then just like in the episode of the twilight zone there is the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but just like with the same men of the slide, most students due to their perception of the men whether good or bad neglected the opposite side of the person hence only looking at one side of what made the person and half of the "beauty". Putting together the idea of subjective and objective being reality, then perception only partly defines beauty because there are different factors of culture, society etc. that affect ones perceptions of what they see and then the questioning and reasoning of these things further defines beauty so perceptions are just the first step to defining beauty. 

The temple of Parthenon has beauty through perception in that it looks symmetrical from a certain angle but more so into the beauty is the ingenious idea behind an unsymmetrical building giving the illusion of such. So the beauty not only lies in the perception but in the reasoning and understanding of the temple. 
So in answering the question perception only generally...

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