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Drama 2007
Sample assessment instrument and student responses

Responding: Stolen
This sample is intended to inform the design of assessment instruments in the senior phase of learning. It highlights the qualities of student work and the match to the syllabus standards.

Criteria assessed
• Responding

Assessment instrument
The response presented in this sample is in response to an assessment task. Overview During this unit you have studied various forms of non-Western theatre, with particular focus on Indigenous theatre. You have explored not only the theatrical styles, but also how they have evolved to explore issues faced in past and present society, in order to resonate with contemporary audiences. Task In Stolen, a play based on the stolen generations, Jane Harrison aims to “honour the experiences of the people who have been stolen and … resonate on an emotional level with its audience.” (Harrison, J. 2000). Two of the guiding principles behind the writing of the play were that it was to be contemporary and that “traditional forms of storytelling should be (the) greatest influence” (Enoch, W. 2006). Your task is to evaluate Harrison’s success in merging these traditional forms of storytelling with the contemporary issue of the stolen generations, in order to resonate with today’s audiences. Your response must take the form of a logical and cohesive essay, using appropriate and specific examples to support your position. Choose two scenes from which to draw your examples, ensuring that these scenes allow you to both evaluate the use of traditional and contemporary dramatic conventions and to reflect on dramatic action and meaning. You should consider the dramatic languages and perspectives studied in this unit. However, please note that the word limit will not allow you to reference all of these languages and conventions. The strength of your analysis and evaluation relies on your ability to select those most relevant to the selected text and...

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