Tomorrow Dad Will Be Deaf and Other Stories

Tomorrow Dad Will Be Deaf and Other Stories

Brittany Escobar


Movie Response

February 8, 2010

Movie Response

In the Movie, “Tomorrow Dad will be Deaf and Other Stories” by Bonnie

Keith was simply amazing. I thought it was absolutely great, the way Bonnie signs is

incredible. Not only are her signs so fluid but her face is so animated. I think watching

this movie really showed me actually how important it is to use your emotions, how a

gesture can mean so much. The was she would talk about her mother and the facial

expressions she did it was as if she was entirely a whole different person! A sign that

stood at me was “watch” , she not only told the audience that she was watching here

mother but showed everyone how she watched with her emotions. When Bonnie signs it

really tells a story her signs are so big and fast and each sign is accompanied with a big


When we first started to watch the movie I was focusing on her signs so

hard that I was accentually missing the whole meaning of her signs because I could not

see her emotion’s on her face. There are times throughout the movie that you really didn’t

need the narration in the background because her signs were so vivid. The emphasis she

put on specific signs made her signs so much more powerful, it stretched the meaning a

lot more. Her use of space while signing was a little big from what we were taught in

class. They were everywhere and when she described a person or was talking about the person she herself was in character and acted like the person. When she finger spelled and

the story was getting more in tense it would be extremely fast to the point where I could

make out a couple of letters. When the story was more sentimental like the story where

she talked about her grandfather passing away she would finger spell slower. All her signs

really evolve with her emotions.

The most interesting thing that I found in her use of American...

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