Acts 9:1-22

Today my fellow Christians I am going to tell you about a man named Saul. I know you saying I have heard this story already, but today we are going to take a different look at Saul. How many of you realize that Saul had to go through 3 different conversions in order to become Paul. Today I pray that I am able to show you that we must go through those same conversions in order to become what God wants us to be. We know that Saul was a prosecutor of God people. How many of you today feel as though you are prosecuted because of your belief or for that matter your disbelief. I am going to show you in three simple conversions how to become what God wants you to be.

Step one:
1. God must first get our attention!

We see here in this passage of scripture verse 4, that God has a way of getting our attention. We see Saul on his way to do something that is against the will of God. How many times are we headed somewhere to do something that is not the will of God, but we are on our way to do it anyhow. We get pulled over by police, we get almost get into a wreck, we call on the name of Jesus, but we continue on our merry way to do what we started out to do. What we fell to realize is that God was trying to get our attention. Because of God’s grace and mercy he allows us to continue on our journey to nowhere. You see my brothers and sisters if we are not doing it for God we are just like Saul on a journey to nowhere.

2. God has called us to Salvation!

How many of you my brothers and sisters believe God has called us to salvation. A salvation that is paid for, a salvation that we need, to be like Saul and make up our minds to accept. We see in verse 6 Saul statement Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? At some point and time we need to stop and be like Saul and ask God what wilt thou have me to do? Often times we look at everyone else never taking time too look in the mirror at our own lives. If we really took time and...