Tony Hawks

Tony Hawks

While I was waiting for Kaden to get out of the shower, I started to remember the tragedy that happened yesterday. I still can’t believe it.

I just lost both of my parents. Their gone. Forever. While I’m stuck in this world. I started to cry because all the memories came flooding into my mind. Crying was the only solution.

I think I cried for 20 minutes straight.(ok people who said that Layla should be sad here’s a note to you: she is sad but I don’t want the whole story focused on her loss I want it to seem like Kaden is the one making her feel better)

Then I remembered Kaden in the shower.

Why was it taking so long??

I decided to go check up on him and that’s when I didn’t hear the water running or anything. I started to come closer to the bathroom door. it didn’t sound like Kaden was the only person in there. I heard a girl voice. I put my ear to the door and heard a whole conversation between Kaden and whoever the girl was.

'Rachel, baby, I need you. Don’t leave me. Just because my best friend has no where else to stay and I’m lending her a favor doesn’t mean you should leave me. I love you with all my heart Rachel just please understand.'

'Look Kaden fine but put her in some other room not your bedroom I don’t want her attacking you while you’re sleeping.'

That was when I started to run downstairs. I ran out the door, out on the streets, to the park near my house.

I ran all the way to a willow tree and just sat there crying.

I felt so heartbroken; every single word that came out of Kaden’s mouth broke my heart. I don’t even know why I’m heartbroken.

I’m so stupid I didn’t even realize this. I can’t believe I didn’t realize this. I’m in love with Kaden Summers, my best friend who just tore up my heart.

I feel so useless. I just lost my parents. And now I have a best friend who broke my heart.

The sky turned to dark and it was now pouring down rain.

I always loved the rain. I started to...

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