top down bottom up

top down bottom up

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Examining the Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach
Joy Dawson
Colorado Technical University

Author Notes
This paper was prepared for PSYC102-1501A-08 taught by Professor Justin Panneck on February 02, 2014.

Research has shown through scientific studies that mental processes exist in humans providing understanding in the process of perception. The term processing reflects how our emotions, body and brain take in information; analyze that information and drawing conclusions or generate actions. Two approaches provide understanding in the process of perception, known as top-down processing and bottom-up processing. The following information provides a clear understanding of top-down and bottom-up approach; however, the comparisons of both approaches are express and exemplified. In addition, a look at the field of business and how top-down and bottom-up processing relates and better suits the industry.

Examining the Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches
Limitlessly, throughout the course of the day our brain is open to sensory experiences. The environment that surrounds us floods our senses with many sights, smell, sounds, texture, and taste in some cases. In psychology, sensation and perception are commonly used terms that refer to the sensory system. In sensation, information is brought through the five senses; meanwhile perception is how our brain makes use of that information. Our sensations and perception systems, which Psychologist suggest work both separately, and together are called processing. The term processing reflects how one emotion, body, and brain take in information, analyze that information and draws conclusions or generate actions("Bottom-Up Processing in Psychology: Examples, Definition & Quiz - Video & Lesson Transcript | Education Portal," n.d.). There are two approaches used to understand how the brain process information. These approaches are known as top-down...

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