topic about ies

topic about ies

Name: Iqra Nasir
Class: s.6b (14)



TITLE: What do Hong Kong Muslims students in senior form think about terrorism?

My topic is ‘what do Hong Kong Muslim students in senior form think about terrorism?’
The objective of this study is to find out what causes terrorism and who is behind it and to compare the thinking about Muslims and non-Muslims towards terrorism.

The scope of my study is teenagers in my school, Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College. Their age is from 15-19 or above, and they all study in senior form as my questionnaire is focusing on senior form students.
The data collection methodology is by distributing questionnaires distributed 30questionnaires, 15 to Muslims and 15 to non-Muslims in order to gain more information.

They key finding of my study is that the difference between thinking of Muslims and non-Muslims towards Islam and terrorism have found out that 50% of Muslims think united states is involved in all terrorism activities, and the rest of the 50% said they think Jewish is involved in this all.

The implication of this study is showing that all the blame and allegations on Muslims related with terrorism are not true; it’s just a misunderstanding which is being spread worldwide by mass media. This study also shows that ‘terrorism’ will affect the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims.

1. Acknowledgement (table of contents)
2. Introduction
3. Literature review
4. Research objectives
5. Focusing questions
6. Methodology
7. Finding analysis
8. Conclusion
9. Reflection
10. Reference/bibliography
11. Appendix

1. Acknowledgement:
I’m really grateful to the following people for their kind and general supports and guidance. Without them, I don’t think I would have made this project possible. They seriously helped me a lot.

My LS teacher, mr.Andy Fung and...

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