topic paper

topic paper

College Graduates’ Living Arrangements are Dependent Upon Income

Fantastic Student

California Lutheran University

March 1, 2019

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Background, Problem Statement, Research Question, Definitions, and Overview 3
Chapter 2: Review of the Literature 5
Chapter 3: Methodology 12
Table 3.1: Quantitative and Qualitative Variables Used in this Study 13
Table 3.2: Coding of Qualitative/Categorical Data 14
Chapter 4: Results of the Statistical Analysis 15
Table 4.1: Measures of Central Tendency for Selected Variables 15
Table 4.2: Measures of Dispersion for Selected Variables 16
Graph 4.1: Scatter Diagram of Number of Credit Cards vs. Overall Credit Card Debt 17

Chapter 5: Conclusions 19
Appendix: Exhibit I: Survey Administered to Ventura County College Graduates 21
Exhibit II: Data Sheet for Study of College Students’ Post-Graduation Living Arrangements and Other Variables 22
Exhibit III: Correlation Analysis 23
References 24

Chapter 1: Introduction


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