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Topic Speech

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I.Energy conservation is a very practical idea that will improve the standard of living for everyone in the long run. My concern with the conservation of natural energy sources is that our future generations will suffer if we do not act now to not only conserve our resources, but explore new options for obtaining energy. In 20 years my daughter will be 25, and I would hope that she is not paying $10.00 a gallon for gas, and having her water usage rationed, or sitting in the dark without power for 4 hours once a week because her city has imposed mandatory rolling blackouts because there isn't enough electricity.
II.I will show that energy conservation is an important issue for everyone to consider because if we do not begin to conserve energy it will affect our future generations' quality of life. We should respect the planet that we live on, and conserving energy will teach our children responsibility and disencourage wastefulness.

Conserving energy is important and is an easy way to keep our planet an inhabitable home.


I.The depletion of natural energy sources will greatly affect our future quality of life unless newer cleaner resources are researched and used.
A.If the main source of fuel for vehicles continues to come from crude oil, gas prices will continue to rise. I am not happy paying 2.89 per gallon for gas. If the trend continues for rising gas prices, where will that leave us, and our children, in 20 years? A certain standard of living and quality of life cannot be maintained if 1/3 of one's gross income is spent solely on fueling their vehicle.
B.In addition to a quality of life based on money, if population growth continues on its current path, the amount of pollution released into the air from their daily travels would create smog like what is already happening in Los Angeles, California. Breathing in this smog everyday can cause respiratory problems. This is a great concern for me.

Now that I have discussed my...

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