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Torts and Regulatory Risks

When it comes to candy manufacturing plants, company liability is widespread. This Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) plan is to help my current employer with pre and post actions that might save them money. I have been employed with Tootsie Roll for 7yrs. While working for the company, I’ve seen several health and safety violations. The violations are broken by both the workers and the company.
Reassuring Torts and Regulatory Information
In presenting my plan to Tootsie Roll, I would start off with recognizing possible torts that might slow or slander the company progress. The tort of negligence and strict liability tort is two of the most common torts that occur in a factory working setting. The tort of negligence is one that applies in a variety of circumstances, but it is always used when the conduct of one party did not live up to the minimal standard of care we are all expected to use in driving, at work, and in the care of property (Jennings, 2006). Strict liability tort is absolute liability for conduct with few, if any defense available (Jennings, 2006).
Tootsie Roll Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of candy in the world. The Chicago based plant employees around 700 people. All employees are required to wear face and hair protection garments while on the company time due to a health regulation. I’ve seen employees disregard the regulation many of times and management not enforce it. Giving stricter infractions for violators and putting pressure on management to enforce the rule would be one of the first corrective actions in my plan to Tootsie Roll.

There has been controversy among the workers about the quality of the water coming out of the drinking fountains. On many occasions I have observed the water to be a brownish color when the button is first pressed. After letting the water run for 30’s, the color would clear up. This problem would be a disaster for Tootsie Roll if...

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