Torture by Americans

Torture by Americans

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Sydney lee
English 4

Americans are abusing and denying prisoners of war their basic human rights. The prisoners of war are being treated worse than the Hezbollah Terrorist group treats their prisoners. The Geneva Convention codes protects prisoners of war from being tortured, the united states, nor any other country, should not be able to torture their prisoners because it breaks the Geneva Convention Codes, it is inhumane, and it is also humiliating to citizens in the offending countries.

“The convention against torture forbids sending a person to a country where there is reasonable belief he will be torture”(McCaffrey2). Americans have been sending many prisoners to other countries such as cube and Syria. These countries are known for the absurd way they treat their prisoners. Americans sent Arar. A terrorist suspect to Syria. Arar even said “ I told them I would be tortured if I returned to Syria, I knew that, he said he was ignored” (McCaffrey2). Americans are also sending prisoners to Cuba. “ The united states side steps formal extradition and quietly ships detainees to other countries… also have snatched terror suspects from other countries and taken them to unknown facilities…(McCaffrey1). Arar is not going to let this go the united states is now being convicted for breaking the Geneva Convention Codes. Not only did Americans break international laws , but is also inhumane.

When you grow up you learn basic right and wrongs in society, and it is wrong to treat and strip another human being from all their basic rights and to treat them worse than dirt. “for 10 months and 10 days, Arar was in a Syrian prison, beaten and confined to a cell not much bigger that a coffin. He thanks the united states for his time in hell”(McCaffrey1). Now even a 5 year old would know better than to do that to another human being. It is not justified for someone to go and beat...

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