Total Quality Management Survey - Paper

Total Quality Management Survey - Paper

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Running head: SURVEY

Total Quality Management Survey
Veronica Sanders
University Of Phoenix
Raul Enciso
September 7, 2009

Total Quality Management Survey
Quality and customer satisfaction play important roles in organizational success. The absence of quality can result in consumers refusing to use the organization because, as a consumer people naturally want the best product or service with very little problems. Quality has the ability to make or break an organization so in this paper we will take a look at quality and the role it plays in three different sectors manufacturing, service, and non-profit.
Manufacturing companies are primarily responsible for making the products that consumers will buy in the stores they are made by hand or machine. Footlocker which is known for the sales of top quality athletic foot and athletic wear is located in 20 countries around the world. In the pursuit of quality footlocker is committed to enhancing their base business, expanding their global marketplaces, pursuing new business opportunities, generating positive cash flow, and finally redeploying excess cash flow. Providing quality products is what has made Footlocker one of the largest athletic shoe stores in the country. Foot Locker, Inc. takes great pride in supporting the communities in which it operates by contributing funds, sponsoring fund-raising events and providing products to benefit worthy causes. In late 2001, the Company established the Foot Locker Foundation, which today offers its assistance to various communities and charitable organizations around the world according to Foot locker Inc.(2009). The manufacturing of quality products has made Footlocker a multi- million dollar company and it continues to grow through its many subsidiaries lady’s footlocker, kid’s footlocker, foot action. Eastbay, and champs sports all of which offer the same quality products....

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