Tourism market in the Mexican Caribbean : Martket Research Report

Tourism market in the Mexican Caribbean : Martket Research Report

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Destination Market Insights; Mexican Caribbean provides an overview of the tourism market in the Mexican Caribbean, analyzing market data and providing insights. This report provides an outline of the number of tourists visiting the Mexican Caribbean, main destination markets, spending habits, airlines, attractions, and hotel development.

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Key Findings

The Mexican Caribbean (official name Quintana Roo, consisting of the Riviera Maya, Cancún, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and Chetumal) is Mexico’s main tourist area and welcomed 9.4 million tourists in 2013, an 8.9% increase in comparison to the previous year.

The key factors driving this growth can partly be attributed to the diversity of the Mexican Caribbean with different areas serving different target markets. Drug-related violence in other parts of the country had a positive effect on the Mexican Caribbean (which is considered to be relatively safe) with many international tourists choosing this area over others.

The US is the key source market; Cancún is a particularly popular spring break destination for American tourists. Canada, the UK, and Spain are the other main source markets.

The main airport for the Mexican Caribbean is Cancún International Airport, which is the largest airport in terms of international passengers in Mexico.

Airport expansion is on the way, which will increase passenger capacity from 16 to 26 million. New York, Atlanta, and Dallas are the busiest international routes for Cancún International Airport


The report provides detailed market analysis, information, and insights, including:
Tourist data covering the Mexican Caribbean tourism sector
Detailed analysis of key trends, main destination markets, hotels, and airlines.

Table Of Contents:

1. Snapshot
2. Key Trends
3. Main Source Markets
4. Hotels
5. Attractions
6. Airlines...

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