Tourism: Should It Be Welcomed?

Tourism: Should It Be Welcomed?

Tourism: Should it be Welcomed?

In the last decades, domestic and international tourism has become one of the world's largest industries and one of its fastest growing economic sectors. While opinions regarding the effects of this industry on local communities are mixed, it is undeniable that the tourist industry brings prosperity.

Most people think of tourism only in terms of negative economic impacts. Although it is true that this activity may encourage in some areas seasonality and lower wage jobs and it may increase the price of goods and services, tourism also contributes significantly to increase incomes and people’s standard of living, to improve the local economy by generating more employment and business opportunities and to raise tax revenues, just to mention but a few benefits. Evidently, economic profit often outweighs tourism’s negative effects.

Similarly, the view that this business may destroy the local community both culturally and environmentally has been the subject of much debate. Many people support the idea that tourists promote bad habits in the community, such as excessive drinking, gambling, drugs talking, prostitution, having as a result, for example, an increase in crime rates. But this is an extreme view. In most of the cases, locals are greatly benefited with the cultural exchange with tourists, since it makes them reflect upon their own cultural identity and improve their understanding of other customs and values.

As regards the environment, it is a fact that the whole industry depends greatly on its preservation. While it is true that natural areas are inevitably altered to suit the demands of tourism, most countries carry out carefully-planned environmental policies of protection and conservation that successfully counteract all the negative effects.

In my opinion, tourism is one of the most important industries for many countries since their financial prosperity depends on it. Since a great number of citizens...

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