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Impact of Tourism in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Sheikh Saleh Ahammed 2010

Master in Public Policy and Governance Program Department of General and Continuing Education North South University, Bangladesh


To Shapla for travelling with me and To Arnob & Pritha for giving me reasons to stay put.


When I embarked on my ‘master’s journey’, I decided that, although being the first, this would be the very last page of the thesis that I would write. Over the months, writing the acknowledgements has become a symbol for being very close to achieving one of the greatest goals of my life. Hence, it is with immense relief and a hint of sadness that I realize that I have come to the end of my journey. I have reached this particular destination and learnt a lot in the process, not least, about how complex tourism development is and what impact it leaves on. In this spirit of reflection, I would like to take the opportunity to thank some important travelling companions who have helped me along the way. Although I am solely responsible for its contents, the completion of this thesis paper would not have been possible without support from a number of persons to whom I am deeply indebted. First, I want to express my gratitude to the people of Cox’s Bazar town and its sub-urban areas who have taken time to enlighten me on the issues covered in this dissertation. Without your participation in the interviews, help with practical matters, generosity and friendship this thesis would never have materialized. I am also grateful to Dr Salahuddin Aminuzzaman and Dr Tawfique at the Master of Public Policy and Governance (MPPG) Program at North South University in Dhaka for inviting me to present my ideas at the early stage in the process and for taking utmost care and patient hearing to my queries and keeping me on the track to complete the paper successfully. At North South University’s General and Continuing Education Department, a number of...

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