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I interviewed five people who are working in the industry of tourism to give me some insights of their occupations and also to provide me some ideas of my possible work in the future. One interviewee is working for the government as a Border Security for immigration, three are from the airlines working as cabin crews and the other one is working for a hotel as a front desk officer. Their jobs deal with people daily. Below you’ll see their beliefs, sentiments and perception of their chosen careers.

1. Rocio Aquino (Border Security/Immigration Officer)
2. Grace Nichole Quizon (Cabin Crew for Cebu Pacific Air)
3. Patrick Miranda (Passenger Service Agent for Clark Support Services Corporation)
4. Casey Serrano (Cabin Crew for Cebu Pacific Air)
5. Maria Jacklyn Gueco (Front desk Supervisor for Royal Hotel)

1. Why did you choose this career field?

As a graduate of Economics, I want to help our country by preventing the illegal exploitations which greatly affects our economy. I play a big role in our society. I help prevent human trafficking and I can feel that in a way, I protect our country from illegal aliens. Also, one of the reasons is security of tenure.
I've always loved traveling. It's something I imagine myself doing my whole life, so naturally i picked up a career closest to that. Travel is expensive, and if i want to keep doing it, i'd have to have the means, my job makes that possible with the more-than-enough salary and unlimited free-of-charge tickets.

According to Patrick Miranda It is under the course he took and to better familarize himself with passenger handling.
I chose to work as Flight Attendant because it suits my personality and I have passion in this field.
I chose this because I feel that this career is in demand not just for today but all the time, people never stop needing food, travelling and accommodation, so being part of hospitality is having a big break.

2. How do you deal with the day to day...

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