Travelling is the most exciting and interesting way to spend your vacation. Can you say that you are an experienced traveller? If your answer is positive, if it's negative say why it is so.
1. Read the poem and comment on its key idea. Say in brief what is travelling for you.
What is traveling for me?
It is the shining sun, the sea;
The golden sand which looks like beads;
The blue-eyed sky and tender breeze,
What do I see when I close my eyes?
A milk-white ship with two red strips;
The limpid clouds at the dawn
And sun, that rises all alone …
And when the twilight falls from height,
The night appears from heaven’s gate.
I see the moon in magic light
And stars, that sparkle at the night.
That’s what I’m looking for in dreams,
And they are my inspiring beams,
I want to see it, to behold
And travel all over the world.
2. Fill in the given questionnaire. Comment on the results of the quiz.

I said …
My partner said …
How often do you travel or take a vacation?

When did you take your last trip? Where did you go? What was the purpose of your trip?

How do you like to travel – by car, ship, train or plane?

What season do you like to travel in?

Do you like to travel to warm or cold places?

Do you send postcards or photos when you are on vacation or travelling?

What kinds of activities do you do when you are on vacation?

What are some important things you put in your suitcase when you travel?

If you had a million dollars, where would you travel to? Who would you go with? What would you do?

Summer holidays are over. Usually students travel a lot during their summer vacation.
3. Share your impressions about your holidays. Follow the table if necessary.
1. Time that you spend in 2. To go somewhere for a holiday:
another place or another - to go on holiday
country for rest and...

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