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Describe and explain the significance of 3 attractions that keep visitors returning to The Bahamas

The attractions that keep visitors coming to The Bahamas are our cultural, man-made and natural attractions such as Junkanoo, Atlantis and The Garden of The Groves. These are things that tourist cannot experience anywhere else in the world.

An extraordinary event tourist come to enjoy is Junkanoo, tourist from all over the world come to witness this year after year. Junkanoo is the exact way to explain culture and one of the best cultural attractions to tell you about.

Culture is the traditions, values and beliefs of a community or a group of people. Cultural attractions are the traditional and historical things that are still happening now that happened many years ago.

Junkanoo is a Bahamian dance music that came from our African ancestors. During Christmas our enslaved African ancestors were given free time and they used this free time to create costumes and make music. Now almost half of a community comes to celebrate Junkanoo together on Christmas, New Years and the Beginning of Summer. Costumes are many different colors and made in many different sizes. The music they play comes from many different places and our cultural Bahamian music. The instruments used are the goat skin drums, tum tum drums, bass drums, whistles, trumpets, trombones, fog horns, cowbells, tubas and saxophone. They dance around as they play the music; it is mostly done in the evening time. The costumes are made out of cardboard, craft paper, glitter, feathers and cotton to make these colorful costumes. The music they pay is always known and is very popular songs.

A deluxe amazing man-made attraction is Atlantis. A man-made attraction is something that was made by man. Atlantis was made by many people not so long from now.

Man-made things are built everyday by the hands of men. Houses, cars, hotels and many other things...

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