Towards One Goal

Towards One Goal

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I have always focused my studies and professional career towards one goal which is to become an excellent businessman, that is why 9 years ago I decided to study Industrial Engineer because from my point of view is one of the few majors which gives you a wider vision and perspective of how a company works and also it gives you the basis needed to know of how the different areas that compose a company work.

Almost 5 years ago I decided to start my professional career, and so far it has been very enriching. I have worked in 3 global and well known companies: 3M, Grupo Modelo (Mexican Beer Manufacturer) and Bancotel and have passed through many areas of a company like strategic planning, marketing, logistics & operations and sales.

Currently I am working in Bancotel, an e-commerce business that operates inside the tourism sector. My primary function inside this company is to expand the business inside Latin America, and for this I had to do the strategic planning for the project which included the sales plan, marketing plan, budget control and P&L analysis, the negotiation with the biggest key players inside the countries of Latin American and the managing of this area. Also I am responsible for creating new window opportunities for new businesses and developing new markets for the company.

Inside Grupo Modelo (Comextra, business unit that manages the retail stores) I was hired as a project manager/consultant, basically my function was to help the company in the resolution of internal problems starting with the reengineering of the distribution centers which contemplated the analysis of the operation process with the objective of finding flaws and repairing them, which led me to the remaking of the whole operation process. It also led me to do the strategic planning of the opening of 10 more distribution centers and one national distribution center which helped the company reduce costs in the distribution and gain an excellent fill rate. I also...

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