Toxin Paper

Toxin Paper

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Toxin, a fictional novel by Robin Cook, gives readers a significant perspective on e-coli

bacteria awareness. E-coli is a most common type of bacteria that can get into food, like beef

and vegetables. One mistake in food preparation, and the outcome can be life


Toxin, is a medical thriller based on 1980's to 1999. The story deals with the relevance

of e-coli bacteria and the effectiveness it has on your body. The main character is an eccentric

middle-aged doctor who is very caught up in yesterday’s events. Dr. Kim Reggis is a recently

divorced cardiac surgeon who shares custody of his 10-year-old daughter Becky, and his ex-wife,

Tracy. Not to Kim’s liking, Tracy had a new boyfriend who partakes in stock ownership at a

fast food chain called The Red Onion. Unknowing of the mishap they were about to get involved

with, Kim took his daughter for bite to eat at that very place. After they gave their order they sat

down for some quick conversing about the doctor’s new “friend”, and soon the orders were done.

Kim was so caught up on the phone with a business matter that Becky was getting irritated. As

she bit into her burger she noticed that the inside was very pink, but her father did not

acknowledge it at all so she continued to nonchalantly eat her supper. All was fine until the next

morning when she awoke with a stomach ache and could not eat her breakfast. Even though

Becky had a figure skating practice that morning, she did not eat a single thing. As time went by,

what she believed to be just a stomach ache was progressing, She soon was unable to continue

with her practice so she had no choice but to leave. As time went by her symptoms got worse

every day. From throwing up to diarrhea, each symptom concerned her father more and more.

Although one day while Kim was at work, he stopped to talk to a pediatrician that was riding in

the elevator. Kim told...

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