Toyota Swot Analysis

Toyota Swot Analysis

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Strategic Management and Business Policy

Professor Brian Main
Professor Brian Fynes
Dr. Paul McGrath
Mr Richard Tan*

Time Allowed: 2 hours

Instructions for Candidates

Answer any TWO (2) questions

All questions carry equal marks
Question 1
Describe and discuss how a company is likely to be attacked by competitors during strategic implementation. In your discussion you should carefully explain the concept of market commonality and resource similarity that increases the likelihood of an attack. Also offer insights into competitor’s awareness, motivation and ability that increase the likelihood of strategic action against others.

• Illustrate your answer with reference to your group project or any other relevant examples.

Question 2
Write an essay explaining in detail the cost leadership strategy in the formulation of competitive strategies. In your discussion, be sure you carefully explain the cost reduction strategies a company can implement in the primary and secondary value creating activities.

• Illustrate your essay with reference to competitive strategies in the Personal computer industry ( Dell, Gateway or from your group projects)

Question 3
Write an essay that explains the “Resource-based Model” in strategy formulation and planning. Carefully explain the key concepts of resources, capability and core competencies. In the discussion you should include how core competencies are identified that leads to above average returns for a firm.

• Illustrate your essay with reference to Harley Davidson case study or from your group project.

Question 4

Many large corporations have engaged in diversification strategies for various reasons. Write a report explaining in detail the concept of diversification strategies. Be sure in your discussion that you carefully explain how...

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