Trade Finance

Trade Finance

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The absence of an adequate trade finance infrastructure is, in effect, equivalent to a barrier to trade. Limited access to financing, high costs, and lack of insurance or guarantees are likely to hinder the trade and export potential of an economy, and particularly that of small and medium sized enterprises. As explained in Chapter 1, trade facilitation aims at reducing transaction cost and time by streamlining trade procedures and processes. One of the most important challenges for traders involved in a transaction is to secure financing so that the transaction may actually take place. The faster and easier the process of financing an international transaction, the more trade will be facilitated. Traders require working capital (i.e., short-term financing) to support their trading activities. Exporters will usually require financing to process or manufacture products for the export market before receiving payment. Such financing is known as pre-shipping finance. Conversely, importers will need a line of credit to buy goods overseas and sell them in the domestic market before paying for imports. In most cases, foreign buyers expect to pay only when goods arrive, or later still if possible, but certainly not in advance. They prefer an open account, or at least a delayed payment arrangement. Being able to offer attractive payments term to buyers is often crucial in getting a contract and requires access to financing for exporters. Therefore, governments whose economic growth strategy involves trade development should provide assistance and support in terms of export financing and development of an efficient financial infrastructure. There are many types of financial tools and packages designed to facilitate the financing of trade transactions. This Chapter will only introduce three types, namely:

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Trade Financing Instruments; Export Credit Insurances; and Export Credit Guarantees

1. Trade Financing...

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