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Relevant topics: human (child) rights, bullying

Learning Objectives: to clarify the attitudes on the issue of bullying
to formulate approaches, think critically and rationally argue

Time: 45 minutes

Tools: a big paper representing the wall, coloured papers, markers, glue


- We give pupils papers and asks them to write three statements that begin with the words: “Bullying is....” Each statement has its own idea and is written on different piece of paper.
- We divide the pupils into groups of 5or 6 students in each.
- Each group reads the statements and remove or unite those that express the same idea. They classify the statements into larger groups.
- The pupils write on the coloured papers the statements that were created during the group work. Each group sticks coloured papers on the big paper representing the wall. In this way we create the “wall with inscriptions”.

In the end of the activity we read the statements and discuss them.


Relevant Topic: minorities, tolerance, human rights

Learning Objective: to realize the difficulties related with stereotypes
to develop empathy

Time: 20 mimutes

Tools: a sheet of paper and a pen for each student

- We divide the pupils into groups (3 pupils). Each group gets the cards with the name of minority or group of people (for example immigrants, teachers, homosexuals, politics etc.). The group will represent this minority.
The task of each group is to answer following questions:
Who are these people?
How are they perceived by the majority?
What objections have the majority to this group?
Which of them are stereotypes?
What I would do if I were part of this group?
The results of the group work are presented. The class can ask and discuss the answers.


The reflexion takes the form of the discussion. We watch which minority was...

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