Training and Development

Training and Development

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Training & Development

Every single employee; manager, supervisor, operative, and anyone who is part of the staff of Tesco needs to be trained in order to do their jobs. Without any training they would lack motivation and driving force where they eventually would get bored of their jobs.

Operatives are members of the Tesco team, who are at the bottom of the hierarchy, as they have the least power. Their jobs are very basic and do not really require any sort of qualifications, apart from probably knowing how to use numbers. They also earn at very low rates, but considerably depending on their skills.

Employers in this case Tesco usually need their employees fully trained and make sure they develop their skills and knowledge as they work. There are many methods available that Tesco uses to develop and train its operatives. Tesco needs to decide which methods best suit their specific purposes, taking into account cost, convenience and the fact that some methods are better suited to particular training needs or circumstances. However, Tesco can provide on-the-job or off-the-job training or a combination of both.

On-the-job training uses the workplace as the learning tool. All new employed employees at Tesco learn from experienced workers around them as they know how the business is run. Experienced workers could support and help them gain some confidence as they could feel scared at their first couple of days working. On-the-job is practically focused to training, as you are trained how to do your work whilst working at the same time.

The different types of on-the-job training that Tesco provide for its Operatives are like work shadowing; observing the work of an experienced member of staff, also as trainees observe the experienced worker, they can ask questions and watch how daily situations are handled in that area of work. Mentoring is another method that has been used in more informal ways for years. It is used so that experienced workers could...

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