Training and Mentoring 6

Training and Mentoring 6

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DECEMBER 15, 2008

Training in the workplace is very important especially for InterClean and EnviroTech employees because of the merger. As the sales manager, I will create a training program and mentoring program for my “Dream Team.” My Dream team consists of Tom Gonzalez, Dennis White, Eric Borden, Susan Burnt, Terry Garcia and Ving Hsu. This training will bring them together and encourage them to be on one accord. I want the team to build trust among each other and feel valuable, talented and appreciated. I want the team to learn as much as possible and have a good attitude towards the training and mentoring program. With this training program, they will learn that mistakes are treated as a learning opportunity, mistakes should be shared. My focus for this training and mentoring program is to make it fun for the employees, be supportive, build trust, and make it a blame free learning culture. I want the “Dream Team “to share their knowledge and skills with each other. I want to get input from each salesperson. The team must set goals and strive at succeeding these goals.
The “Dream team” will train individually and in a group. The training program is mandatory for everyone. Training individually will help the trainees raise their own bar of excellence and accountability. Training individually can give the salespeople one on one training on their skills that are weak. Training as a team will help the trainees work on their teamwork skills, set team goals, build mutual trust and have a shared vision. Keeping the team inspired and focused on the company’s goals is vital to the success of the company.
I will offer different training methods for the training program. The information presentation, simulation methods, and on-the-job training method; these methods will be helpful and will be used when it best fits the situation. The training program will consist of...

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