Training Management

Training Management

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Tony D. Bridgewater

Webster University

Organizational development theory

About organizational development

The term organizational development is a widely used term in the business arena of today. The world is now an ever-changing entity, and so is the corporate world. As a consequence organizations tend to develop them on a consistent and regular basis. Organizational development deals with the context of bringing about change in organization on a regular basis, so as to be capable of competing and sustain in the corporate world. .

The term has numerous definitions in the diction of business, the whole idea deals with the change in the organization in order to enhance the sustainability, as well as, assure the success for current and future business paradigms. The term organizational development theory encompasses of a wide field of the business management discipline. It is defined as “an organization-wide effort that pertains to the development of an approach that leads to increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization”. It encompasses of domains that enhance processes, people and procedures carried out in the business so as to increase the outcome and help the business in meeting goals of the organization (Hotes, 2011).

Organizational development pertains to the design and implementation of an effective layout that leads the organization to change for better. The whole concept of organization development encompasses of several dimensions enlisted as under;

1. Advanced organizational renewal

2. Organizational culture change

3. Fostering competitiveness and profitability

4. Ensuring wellness of the human capital

5. Enhance learning and development opportunities

6. Foster problem solving

7. Proactive approach

8. Enhance efficiency and effectiveness


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