Training Needs Analysis Sample

Training Needs Analysis Sample

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Republic of the Philippines
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Department of Psychology
Sta. Mesa, Manila


Name of the Trainee: Date:
Name of the Company: Department:

1. How long have you worked in the organization?
2. How long have you been in your current job?
3. What do you want to get from your work?
4. What are your strengths?
5. What areas would you like to improve?
6. Would you like more responsibility?
7. What is preventing you from developing as you would like?
8. Which interests or talents would you like to develop?
9. How do you like to learn?
10. What skills or experience would allow you to feel more confident at work?
Job analysis:
1. Describe the tasks you regularly perform that are critical to carrying out your job description effectively.
2. What do you like most about your job? Why? What do you like least? Why?
3. Do you require a high degree of technical knowledge to your job?
4. How do you prefer to work? Please encircle.
Alone part of the team others (specify below)
5. If you prefer to work as part of the team, do you perform the same or different work to members of your team?
Future Development And Training Needs:
1. What are your future career aspirations ?
2. Do you have a competency framework in place?
3. What training do you still need (either on-the-job or formal course) to perform your current job competently?
4. What training and development do you need to help make this happen? (eg external degree study, formal meeting procedures, leadership training, etc)?
5. What training or skills have you acquired outside your current job that may be relevant to wider organization?


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