Training Plan

Training Plan

Training Plan for Bradley Stonefield

Team D


October 7, 2013
Virginia McMinn

Developing an effective employee-training program will be fundamental to the long- term success of Landslide Limousines. A clear understanding of the company’s policies, goals, philosophy, and job functions will lead to higher customer satisfaction and higher profits for the business. Employee training will help set clear expectations regarding his or her responsibilities and the work the company anticipates of him or her. The training approach outlined in this memo will address the following objectives:
• Provide the company highly trained employees in terms of customer service, attitudes, and driving skills for growing the business
• Develop a sense of ownership for the business through top-notch relevant training
• Structure the training so that employees will feel comfortable participating
• Use of competitive and real life examples to emphasize the company’s goals
• Ongoing forum for assessing and monitoring employee development
The training program presented is based on 25 employees for the first year with expected revenue of -$50,000. This proposal will look at effective training methods while keeping costs to a minimum. At Atwood and Allen we realize when looking to create and implement a training plan that the process can be overwhelming at first so we will break the steps down into three sections: needs assessment, training methods, and training evaluation. The first step in developing a training plan is to identify topics and areas required by the company and comparable to other limousine companies. These topics generally fall into board categories like position requirements, safety training, quality assurance, employee driver certifications, car maintenance, standard operating procedures, and an employee handbook. The purpose of the needs assessment is to...

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