Training Proposal

Training Proposal

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The purpose of this proposal is to train managers and supervisors how to accurately conduct and complete a performance review.
This training is needed to so as to minimize inaccurate interpretations of work performance and reduce the possibility of legal issues after employment termination.

Common problems that occur when managers complete a performance review
1. The manager is not truly objective – the manager might not objectively evaluate the point-by-point performance of the employee especially if the employee is carrying out a task that the manager is not knowledgably about.
2. The manager does not believe in rewarding the employee - instead of the manager giving the employee a “job well done” when he/she deserves it, he gives a, “you did good but ……”
3. the manager talks too much – the manager goes into the review, starts talking especially if it is a bad review for the employee, the manger becomes “judge and jury” without giving the employee chance to defend or explain his/herself
4. The manager uses the review just for legality – the manager makes the review fast and legal instead of powerful and productive.

Suggestions for performance review
In the case of objectivity, in order for the manager to be neutral I the review he should “frame” his statement positively, saying “here’s what the company and I need from you to boost productivity, what d you want from us instead of saying, “here’s how I think you should…….”.
In the review the manager should reward the employee that has outstanding performance. Acknowledge that he/she did exceptionally well and encourage them to keep up the good work. This will boost their confidence, causing them to take more pride in their work which will in turn boost productivity.
For the employees with unacceptable behavior and below standard production, the manager should use the review to help the employee identify the problem. He should ask the employee, “what can the...

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