Training to Increase Profits

Training to Increase Profits


Want to increase profits? We can fund training for your staff.

Cross training, specialized training — it all adds up to a better-trained workforce, increased productivity, and a more competitive company. If you’re looking to train your staff, NYC Business Solutions makes it easy to invest in your employees.

We’ll help cover the cost of training, whether it’s a customized program, training led by your own managers, or an off-site program led by external trainers. We’ll also provide technical support to help you find the right training solution.

"Made in NY" Media Employee Training

NYC-based media and entertainment companies now have access to training grants tailored specifically to their needs. These grants fund specialized skill training needed in the post-production field and other industry-related companies.

To be eligible for the “Made in NY” Media Employee Training program, your business must:

Be headquartered or have a main office within the five boroughs of New York City;
Have at least one full-time employee;
Have a minimum of $20,000 and maximum of $10 million in annual gross revenues;
Have been in operation for at least one year; and
Be in the media & entertainment industry.
To apply for a training grant for a media or entertainment company, please complete part 1 of the application process here. For more information, please visit this program’s official website.

Customized Training

Customized Training helps your business afford professional training services that can reduce employee turnover and increase productivity, thereby saving you money and growing your business. Customized Training eliminates the financial constraints that keep businesses from investing in staff development by providing awards of up to $400,000, which can cover 60-70% of eligible training costs.

We will help you access funding for trainings that align with the following four categories:

Training on recently purchased equipment or...

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