Trait and Factor

Trait and Factor

Saundra M. Morris

IPC 582-Lifestyle and Career Development (Trait & Factor Analysis)

Lindenwood University

April 9, 2012


Individuals are drawn to a given career by their personalities and numerous variables that are connected with their backgrounds. Understanding your abilities, interest, limitations, the world of work and the job market, are important as it pertains to matching oneself to an occupation.

Although there are many other factors that theorist suggest we utilize when making career choices, true reasoning must be applied when selecting an occupation (Parson, 1990). In this paper, a self analysis based on results from five assessments will display how general areas of interest in occupations have been measured.

Gaining Self Understanding

Frank Parson is known as the founder of vocational guidance movement. He characterized the first step of career choice as Gaining Self Understanding. Within this context Parson’s points out the importance of understanding your attitudes, abilities, interest, ambitions, resource limitations and causes (Sharf , p 29). He reasons ways to support the conciseness in clarity of oneself encompasses five basic traits and factors which can be assessed by testing and interviews; which are aptitudes, achievements, interest, values and personality (p30).

A career assessment provides individuals with information needed to make better career choices. It can provided profitable information such as uncovering tasks, experince, and...

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