Traits of a Good Leader

Traits of a Good Leader

• Loud Voice
• Confident Speaker
• Challenges to do their best
• Sets a good example
• Makes own decisions
• Doesn’t give up when struggled
• Listens to others’ ideas
• Focused
• Passionate
• Dedicated

Person: Coach

Coach exhibits these qualities in everything he does. He is a dedicated teacher and a cross country coach. Every year for cross country he comes in with a smile and always has something positive to say. When he is talking with the team he speaks smoothly and just looks comfortable in his running shorts and t-shirt. He is always challenging us to do our best and run our hardest. Coach is so passionate with cross country he frequently goes to lectures from other college coaches and brings back something inspirational to tell us or something new he had learned and shares with us to make us better. He is also a focused teacher. He makes sure everyone is on track in the class and understands the homework. Coach has been a teacher and a coach since 1969, every since the school first opened - that’s dedication. Coach just sets an overall good example for all of us to look up to.

Leader: Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a strong elected leader with most of the American citizens. Most praise him, and other are quick to trash him. He has strengths and weakness, which are always over-shadowing each other. One strength is his age, a lot of young voting Americans like seeing someone who doesn’t have gray hair, go to the white house. Another strength is his strong leader ship; he is totally 100% behind everything he believes in…even if they end up falling through before he is even inaugurated. But weaknesses are also something that he has a reputation for. One weakness is his experience; he does not have much big time political experience. Also a weakness would be his name. People may have been turned away also by Barack’s middle name: Hussein. Some people say it’s not an issue, which it shouldn’t be, but may turn people away because...

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