Transcatheter Heart Valve Market in Europe: 2007 to 2020

Transcatheter Heart Valve Market in Europe: 2007 to 2020


GBI Research’s report, “Market Snapshot: Transcatheter Heart Valve 2007 to 2020 - Europe (Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain)” provides quantitative analysis of the transcatheter heart valves market in Europe. The analysis includes market size data by revenue and volume over the 2007-2020 period and key company share data by revenue in 2013 for the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, UK and Spain. It uses data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Research’s team of industry experts.

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- Information on market size for the transcatheter heart valves
- Annualized sales data by revenue for the 2007-2020 period and company share data by revenue for 2013
- Annualized sales data by volume for the 2007-2020 period
- Coverage of key geographies: Germany, France, Italy, UK and Spain

Table Of Contents:
1 Table of Contents 2
2 GBI Research Report Guidance 4
3 Transcatheter Heart Valve Definition 4
4 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, Europe, Revenue, 2007-2020 5
5 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, Germany, Revenue and Volume, 2007-2020 7
6 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, France, Revenue and Volume, 2007-2020 11
7 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, Italy, Revenue and Volume, 2007-2020 15
8 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, UK, Revenue and Volume, 2007-2020 19
9 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, Spain, Revenue and Volume, 2007-2020 23
10 Appendix 26

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