Transfer of Training

Transfer of Training

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‘Learning is an important aspect of any training program. But equally important is encouraging trainees to use learned capabilities on the job (transfer of training’ (Noe & Winkler 2012, p. 196).

Discuss the challenges workers and organisations face in maximising transfer of training. How can organisations create environments that encourage transfer?

Transfer of Training is the ability of a trainee to apply the behaviour, knowledge, and skills acquired in one learning situation to another (Foxon 1993). It is of concern to organisations and workers that training is not being transferred effectively if it is being transferred at all. Transfer of training impacts both organisations and workers in the main aspects of efficiency and productivity. There are a number of challenges that employees and business face including the characteristics of training, the design and work environment that impact on the success of the transfer. Organisations can then create environments that encourage the transfer by creating a learning organization and implementing knowledge management systems.

The main reason organisations will undertake training activities is to increase efficiency and productivity (Machin & Fogarty 1997). Characteristics of training such as motivation and the ability of the employee to perform the job after training have an influence on how effectively it will be transferred (Machin & Fogarty 1997). The more motivated the employees are and capable of undertaking the job, the more the training will be transferred (Dayang & Chaong 2011).

The features in training design plays a major role in the training and how well it is incorporated into the tasks on the job (Kupritz 2002). Creating a learning environment involves the training site, trainer and how the training is conducted. The learning environment should be comfortable, free from interruptions place, with instructors that a full of knowledge that the training is based around, with...

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