Transfer Switch Market

Transfer Switch Market

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Transfer switch is an electromechanical switch which acceleratesswitching between two or more power sources. It
guaranteesconvenient and hassle free switching and uninterrupted power supply in commercial,residential and
industrial operations. Transfer switches transfer the electrical distribution structures or load between two different
power sources, making it a partof backuppower system. Transfer market isprimarily oftwo types, namely, static or
manual transfer switches and automatic transfer switches. A manual transfer switch shifts loads between two power
sources with the help of power semiconductors,whereas, an automatic transfer switch is used to transmit power
among a primary and secondary power source. These switches facilitate rapid transfer of powerdue to lackof
movement of present mechanical parts. Both the switches have their different advantages over each other.
Considering quality and price ratio, automatic transfer switch has a significantadvantage. However, static or manual
transfer switches are operatedwhen the demand is for high quality with minimal stress on price.
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Increasing demand for uninterrupted power and rise in the adoption of smart grid technologyin industries,
commercial institutions, healthcare, transportation, and householdsis...

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