Transformation Programme

Transformation Programme

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Focus area KPI Reduce overall • Reduce overall reported reported index crime index crimes with a focus on street crime

2010 Selected Initiatives (2010 -2012) 5% • Employing stakeouts for motorcycle theft, reduction car theft and house break-ins; from • Improving security features for motorcycles, 2009 cars and houses (including promoting special locks for motorcycles and coding vehicle parts); • Rewarding owners who invest in improved security features, by encouraging insurers to adjust insurance premiums according to the security features installed; • Increasing availability and usage of mobile access devices, enabling police officers on patrol to check a vehicle’s ownership status via a link to Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan’s (JPJ) vehicle registry • Making the police omnipresent in the 20% reduction identified 50 hot spots and strengthening their presence with over 3,000 trained from volunteers by June 2010; 2009 • Placing 500 closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) in hotspots • Setting up special courts for quicker prosecution of street crimes; • Establishing the Safe Cities Programme (SCP) to bring together relevant agencies to tackle local problems with localised initiatives (e.g., using bollards to separate pedestrians from motorists); • Improving in-prison rehabilitation programmes and introducing post-release resettlement programmes to reduce repeat offending (e.g., separating first-time offenders in prisons from hardcore or repeat convicts).

• Reduce reported snatch thefts and robberies

Focus area KPI Improve • Increase the performance number of across the violent crime criminal offenders justice system successfully brought to trial

2010 2,000 increase from 2009

Selected Initiatives (2010 -2012) • Increasing the number and efficiency of Investigating Officers (IOs), e.g., by bringing back retired high-performing IOs; • Creating ‘Flying Squads’ or specialist teams of high-performing judges and magistrates sent to areas with many...

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