Transportation Management

Transportation Management

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After this unit you should be able to answer following questions

A. Concept Questions B. Short notes

1. Containerization
2. Nodal Points
3. Principles of transportation
4. Transportation policy
5. Freight rate structure
6. Inland Container Depots
7. Transportation infrastructure
8. Transportation modes
9. Material handling
10. Inter modal transport
11. Piggyback, fishy back, birdy back
13. Unit train
14. Milkruns
C. Section II descriptive questions [10 marks each]
1. What is transportation mode? Describe various modes of transportation, their advantages and cost elements.
2. Explain various pricing factors for transportation.
3. What is transportation performance? Distinguish between DRP & MRP.
4. What factors are required to be taken into account while selecting mode of transport to achieve minimum cost? Explain.
5. What is an inland container depot [ICD]? What type of coordination with transportation will be required?
6. Discuss principles and functions of transportation.
7. What is transportation environment and who are the participants in transportation decisions?
8. Explain transportation infrastructure.
9. What are nodal points? What is their significance in transportation network?
10. Explain how Selection of Carrier is done?
11. How transportation policy is chalked out for a company?


Transportation functionality

Transportation is the most visible of all functions of logistics and high contributor to logistics cost. We can see trucks, containers and wagonloads of material being moved from place to place as an activity directly associated with trade and business. We should also appreciate that this is an activity that adds highest amount of cost to the activity of making inputs and outputs available to consumers. Transportation function moves the products to meet customer expectations at minimum cost.

Functions of transportation

1. Product movement:...

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