Transportation Term Paper


From 1950 to 1960 vehicles had minimum safety features, although the first working airbags were invented and installed into cars. This was a major step to safety for the future of automobiles. Through the 1950’s all there was to protect you were padded dashboards, bumper shocks and headrests in the front seat. Cars lacked safety tremendously, there were no seatbelts, adaptive cruise control, forward collision avoidance system, adaptive headlights, backup camera, reverse sensors, side view assist, parking assist and many more features. During this time in world pollution was not seen as a problem, also at this time there were no emission regulations therefore no emission controls were being used.


Since the 1980’s many safety features and laws have been implemented to protect drivers and passengers as effective as possible. Crash tests are done to find more problems so they can be fixed which is why we have the technology we have today. Safety features such as seatbelts, adaptive cruise control, forward collision avoidance system, adaptive headlights, back up camera, sensors, parking assist, anti lock brake system, traction control, all wheel drive and many more. The emission controls used today are catalytic converters, fully sealed fuel systems and an auto asthma index are used to minimize emissions produced by automobiles. This impacts the environment in a positive way, using these controls minimizes emissions that are released into our atmosphere creating pollution. With less pollution in our atmosphere everyone can breathe healthier air and live healthy, emissions also ruin our atmospheres ozone layer, thus Antarctica is melting. Therefore less emissions produced the higher living standard we will live as people.


Safety equipment for cars is always being developed for automobiles, whether its new equipment or making old equipment better something is always being worked on....

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