Name: Cuong Tran

Class: ESOL Writing Level 3

Instructor: Ms. Ann Friederich

Date: 11/19/2008

Vung Tau Beach Transportation

Vung Tau Beach is one of the beaches that attracted a lot of travelers in Viet Nam. Therefore, the people of Vung Tau city had built many modes of transportation to satisfy travelling needs. There are four ways to travel to Vung Tau Beach and they are by road, rail, air and water. Actually, I have tried to travel from Ho Chi Minh city to Vung Tau Beach by all of them, so I will tell you my experiences about the modes of transportation to there.

First, travel to Vung Tau by road is the primary mode of transportation. That is the way I usually choose. I can take a bus or drive by myself along the highway from Ho Chi Minh city to Vung Tau Beach. It not only saves my money, but also interests me because I can see the beautiful scenery along the street. For example, last summer, I drove a motorcycle with my friends to take a trip to Vung Tau Beach. It can take two hours to drive. As a result, travelling to Vung Tau Beach by driving a motorcycle, taking a bus or driving a car are the ways that almost people choose.

The second way of transportation to Vung Tau is using railway. However, this way is not chosen by most of travelers because it takes more time than using a car or motorcycle. Actually, I have ever tried this way one time in the last vacation. In my opinion, although it takes a long time, it’s more safely than using a car and the cost is cheap. Clearly, travelling by take a train is one of good options.

Another way to travel is air transportation. I think this way will become the most important way to travel because it takes a little time to go to Vung Tau Beach. I have tried it before, and it had taken me 30 minutes. In that time, I used a small plane to travel. Moreover, it has many ways such as using a business plane, a big plane or a helicopter. Specially, it is absolutely safe. However, it is very...