Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Unit 1 UK Travel and Tourism Industry
Task 4

For this task I was asked to explain, give examples and show how relationships work between different organizations in the travel and tourism industry.

Domestic Organisations
The company Shearings Holidays is one of the UK's leading holiday companies and this is my chosen example domestic organisation. Shearings Holidays is a coach operator company that organizes holidays in the UK and throughout Europe.
Although they mainly specialize in coach tours they also offer holidays and cruises.
How does the relationship work between Shearings and transport providers and why does it work?
Shearings own there own coaches so the relationship between them is very good and means that there is better communication, this is because it’s less likely for there to be a mix up in information between tour operators and transport providers such as unaccounted for passengers, wrong pick up and drop off timings with one another for example.
This is also good because more profit is made because they have there own coaches and don’t have to hire a coach operator which can be expensive. Another good factor of having there own transport is not having to rely on other coach operators which prevents mishaps such as coach delays or even worse for example a coach operator they were using went bust and transport was already booked, this would be bad for shearings reputation and loss of business.
Having transport is not just a good thing there can be bad factors aswell for example Shearings would be responsible for taking care of any problems they could face such as repairs, delays, misplaced, lost or stolen luggage or even accidents. An example of this happening would be for there coach to break down and passengers missing any pre-booked events due to this, not only would they be responsible for the repair work but may even be liable to refund money to passengers for either missed events or even the whole coach journey.


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