Travel Guide Analysis - Covent Garden

Travel Guide Analysis - Covent Garden

Part 1: Travel Guide

COVENT GARDEN____________________________________________________

Covent Garden London is well-known for the shops, bars, restaurants, theatres, street entertainment, and the Royal Opera House you can find there. It is a piazza that is Italian inspired surrounded by chic boutiques, bars and restaurants. Situated in the heart of the West End of London, circled by Theatreland, the Covent Garden is considered the capital’s premier destination for leisure and entertainment.

The Covent Garden Market & Piazza

The famous Covent Garden market can be found at the heart of the piazza. It was designed in 1632 by Inigo Jones reaching decades of success as it welcomes 30 million travelers every year. The design is of a large glass covered building with varied fashionable boutiques, cafés, and the Apple Market with a variety of arts and crafts masterpieces.

Be amused with the crowd as you go about the open piazza filled with jugglers, mime artists, delighting variety acts, and amazing musicians. Enjoy viewing this daily spectacle while taking a sip of coffee or simply sitting at the restaurants and bars that line the piazza.

The Street Performers

Street entertainment, attracting performers around the world, is officially licensed in London, specifically at the Covent Garden. All performers bag with them a pack of good shows as audiences turn up in thousands. Performers are always looking forward to a good spattering of bright clear days. They may consider each day with clear skies a fantastic clear spell marking the Covent Garden’s El Niño effect.

Street performers have come to know the weather well. They can be compared to farmers watching the skies, hoping for dry spells instead. On a funny note, it is amusing when some performers can get superstitious such that believing a higher spiritual being that can control the weather.

When the rain pours, you can find performers at the North Hall for undercover performances. It saves...

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