Traveling and Its Impacts

Traveling and Its Impacts

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Travel and Travelling

Shayan javaherian

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History of Travel

Modes of Transport

Reasons for Travelling


Travel and Travel


Human beings are dynamic and are always on the move to make discoveries not just here on earth but also on other planetary bodies. The deep history explorers who, travelled from their home countries to make discoveries, and of course the 1970’s exploration of the moon have witnessed this. The challenges facing travelling led to the invention of means of transport such as motor vehicles, trains, aircrafts, ships and other sea vessels. There are thousands of travel journals, magazines, and websites providing information on various destinations all over the world. Travel guide companies, some of which operate online, organise and facilitate domestic and international tours for tourists. The travel industry is a major employer and supports the economy of many nations

History of Travel

Chandra notes, “travel for trade was an important feature since the beginning of civilization” (1). In ancient times, explorers toured unexplored geographic areas and cultures for fame. For instance, “the Europeans tried to discover a sea route to India for trade purposes and in this fashion discovered America and explored parts of Africa” (Chandra 1). Without the technological advances of automobiles available today, it was dangerous to travel from one place to another. Challenges included the distance to be covered, difficulties in terrain, dangers from wild animals; severe weather and limitations of the means of travel available back then. Before vehicles and trains were invented, riding on animal backs, animal-pulled carts or simply walking on foot were the only means available. According to Larbage, the...

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