Treated Equally

Treated Equally

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I strongly oppose with the thought of everyone being treating equally. I differ from every ones thoughts since criminals are criminals and they should not be treated similar as innocents. Bullies in schools have no right to be treated the same as other loyal students. Bullies should not be ignored since bullies have a lesson to be thought.

Imagine if everyone is treated the same, the world would be a horrific place to live in. If criminals are treated the same way as innocents, not a particular person would hesitate to commit a crime. If bullies are not talked against the sin will continue of bulling innocents, in order to make world superior everyone should not be treated the same.

If everyone was treated the same world could be in big trouble. World would be such a bad place since there would be no need of police officers, and the immediate cause will be high intensity crimes, after committing the crime you will not be treated as a criminal.

If everyone is treated the same life would be too boring since most of the humans would have no importents towards their self since they are the same as everyone. The world would be to boring because life will not be challenging if everyone is treated the same. In this days everyone wants to achieve something and after the achievement the person is usually happy, but if everyone is treated the same no one is going to be in search of anything.

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