Treatment of Children in Charlotte Bronte's Society

Treatment of Children in Charlotte Bronte's Society

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Jane Eyre Essay

Topic: Treatment of Children in Charlotte Bronte’s Society

Children are frequently portrayed as naïve and senseless beings. They are considered innocent as they have not yet been influenced or soiled by our society. Therefore, people easily attempt to take advantages of their innocence, by not taking them seriously or even ignoring them and their rights. In the novel, Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte, the main character, Jane Eyre demands for her rights as a person and advocates to receive just and fair treatment from people around her. Jane Eyre, as a child is a very clever and intellectual being and thus, expresses her feelings and emotions passionately without a hesitance. She claims to be independent in making her own decisions and stands firm to her own position, no matter what. Also, because she is poor, obscure, physically dependent on the Reed’s family, she is harshly discredited in many inequitable ways throughout her childhood. Thus, throughout the novel, Charlotte Bronte criticizes her society’s treatment of children and suggests how children should be treated instead; children should be treated with equal treatment, proper hospitality, and respect.
Children absolutely deserve to be listened to and they should be allowed to freely express their feelings. Because children are inexperienced of the world, they are often prevented from going beyond their limits as children. In other words, children are to behave as they are expected and yet, if they go against these set expectations and pointless rules of adults of how to be proper and well-educated children, they become scapegoats in various ways. Children are often thought to be thoughtless and careless, but they may have their own opinions and thoughts of what they see about the world around them. Through their own eyes of observing the world, this is how they learn and mature in their minds and thoughts. For example, in the novel, Jane is an orphan and spends her...

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