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Your objective is to build a reliable trebuchet that will launch a softball so that the ball will strike a target that is located 50-75 feet away.

1. The trebuchet must be completely mechanical in design. The use of electricity, compressed air, or explosives is not permitted. No slingshots are permitted. No catapults are permitted.
2. The dimensions of your device must be less than or equal to 2 ½’ feet x 4 feet x 4 feet (width, length, height). Make sure that it will fit through the door of 711!
3. Each group of four (or less) students is permitted to enter ONE machine for the project.
4. Commercially built machines (kits) are NOT permitted. Machines from past years may not be used . This includes any devices that you or your partners may have built in the past AND devices built by other people.
5. You must be at least 6-feet away from your machine when it is launching. Therefore, your trebuchet must have some sort of trigger that allows you to release the machine from a safe distance.

Scoring: This assignment is worth 60
A. Your team will have SIX chances to hit the target, and your trebuchet will be scored according to where the target is hit. Each shot will be awarded points according to where the target is struck; the total score will be the sum of the point scored on the individual shots.
B. Only a direct hit will earn your team points. Striking the target off of a bounce will NOT earn you points.
C. Your trebuchet launch is worth 20 points.
a. The maximum score to be earned for testing is 20 points. Any points scored beyond that will not be applied to your grade, but will be applied to the competition within the class period.
D. The design, construction, stability and safety of your trebuchet is worth 15 points.
a. The maximum score for the design of your trebuchet is 5 points. You will be required to submit preliminary technical drawings of your device. These professional looking diagrams may be...

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