This Extra credit assignment is due the day of your final exam. Points will be awarded based on the number of questions answered and the quality of the answers. This will be worth up to 20 points toward your final grade (final grade based on 800 points).

Extra Credit – Urinary System:

Use your lab manual, text book, and any addition recourses to answer these questions. Describe what abnormalities (if any) you would find in a basic urinalysis associated with patients suffering from the following disorders:
1. Patient suffering from acid reflux who consumes 5 times the recommended daily dose of antacids.
2. Patient suffering from a urinary tract infection.
3. High school wrestler who has been starving himself to try and make weight for the next big meet.
4. Patient suffering from diabetes insipidus.
5. Patient who has been following a NO carb - High protein diet for several months.

Extra Credit – Acid/Base Imbalances:

Write up 2 NEW Acid/Base imbalance case studies. Include in your answer what symptoms the patient would be suffering from and what the patient’s blood glass results would reveal. Make sure you tell me which acid/base imbalance the patient should be suffering from. An example is below.

EXAMPLE (Respiratory Acidosis):
A 14-year-old girl with a history of asthma has complained of an increased cough productive of green sputum over the last week (bronchitis, bacterial infection of the lungs). She also complained of being increasingly short of breath, and she is noticeably wheezing on physical examination. Arterial blood was drawn and sampled, revealing the following values:

pH 7.30
pCO2 50 mm Hg
pO2 55 mm Hg
Hemoglobin - O2 saturation 45 %
[HCO3-] 24 meq / liter

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