tri case

tri case

MGT 3131 Tri-Cities Community Bank Case

Case A: BSC Development
Prepare a report to the Board of Directors that explains how the BSC may be used to help TCCB achieve its strategies goals. Include the following in your report:
1. A table that categorizes each of the measures in Exhibit A2 into one of the four BSC perspectives. State why you placed a measure in a particular perspective.

Learning and Growth Perspective
Internal-Business Perspective
Customer Perspective
Financial Perspective
- New Products Introduced
- Employee Training Hours
- Employee Satisfaction
- Employee Turnover
- Sales Calls to Potential Customers
- Thank-you calls/cards
- Referrals
- Cross-Sells

- Customer Satisfaction
- Customer Retention
- New Accounts
- No. of New Customers
- No. Products per Customer
- Outstanding Loan Balances
- Deposit Balances
- Non-Interest Income
- New Loans Created

Learning and Growth Perspective
- New Products Introduced: by introducing new products, TCCB is expanding what they have to offer their customers and improving the value of their company.
- Employee Training Hours: by providing employees with training, TCCB is giving them the skills they need in order to achieve TCCB’s objectives.
- Employee Satisfaction: it is important to make sure that employees are satisfied as this will affect their ability to provide good customer service.
-Employee Turnover: high employee turnover is costly because of the time and money spent hiring and training employees. You do not want to be constantly losing valuable, skilled employees.

Internal-Business Perspective
- Sales Calls to Potential Customers: this process is necessary for employees to get new customers. TCCB must excel at this measure if they hope to increase their business.
- Thank-you Calls/Cards: this is a process that employees can use to follow-up with customers and show TCCB’s appreciation for their business at the same time.
- Referrals: by completing referrals,...

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