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Paolo Sioson 2/9/09

H3F 16 Mr. Asis

“Air fresheners are consumer products that mitigate unpleasant odors in indoor spaces”, as defined in, an online dictionary. These odors include the odors given off by candles, gels and aerosol sprays. (Babylon English-English Dictionary, ¶2, n.d.)
In air fresheners, there are two types, one is the wick type and the other is the spray type. Each type has its own composition. Each type has ingredients not found in the other type. In wick type, the ingredients are formaldehyde (37%)water-soluble perfume, coloringwater, emulsifiers, essential oils, aromatic chemicals (xylene) and chlorophyll. In spray type, the ingredients are ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, glycol ethers, surfactant (quaternary ammonium salts), perfume, water, propellants, metazene (4.0%), petroleum distillates (6.0%), aluminum chlorhydrol, bromsalicylanilide 2,3,4,5-BIS(2-butylene) tetrahydrofural, cellosolve acetate, dichlorodifluoromethanol, ethanol, fatty esters, lauryl methacrylate, methoxychlor, methylene chloride, o-phenylphenol, p-dichlorobenzene, pine oil (toxicity like turpentine), piperonyl butoxide, pyrethrin, synthetic surfactants, trichloromonofluoromethane, wax and zinc phenolsulfonate. The main ingredient, which is found in both types, is essential oil, like pine oil and lemon oil. (Air Freshener, n.d.)
This paper will discuss about the replacement of an ingredient, essential oil. It will tackle the pros and the cons of each ingredient, the old, pine oil and the new, lemon oil. The reason for this replacement is because pine oil has been found to cause problems for people. In light of this reason, replacing pine oil with lemon oil will be beneficial in terms of ingredient quality, health benefits and safety precautions.

Ingredient Quality
First off are the properties of each ingredient, Pine oil and Lemon oil. They are both...

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