Trigon Industries

Trigon Industries

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Trigon Industries Macro-Environmental Analysis


- Initially Trigon Industries only needed to be concerned with the regulations set forth in New Zealand, and certain Industry Standards. They needed to comply with all national rules, just as any other company conducting business in New Zealand.
- Trigon also needed to make sure they were operating within all industry standards, whether they were safety, cleanliness, or materials and technology. Trigon relied heavily upon exporting their products and needed to prove they met specific criteria, especially coming from a lesser known industrial manufacturing country such as New Zealand.
- Since Trigon was manufacturing products that would be used around the world, they needed to be certain of all rules that apply to countries other than New Zealand. They needed to make sure their products met the requirements of other countries.
- Trigon had to be aware of all government and industry standards in the markets they sold to. They also need to have knowledge of these standards before establishing offices in various overseas countries.
- Today, although no longer Trigon, Sealed-Air needs to continue to follow these footsteps set in place to further the company as a global player. They should continue smart, safe business operations with various governments to avoid any disagreements that could harm the future outlook of the company. Sealed Air needs to be aware of current government situations and act accordingly.


- Trigon Industries was lucky enough to not establish themselves during a rather stable economic period, but to also establish a company that would prove to be rather unaffected during periods of economic downturn.
- The New Zealand government’s export incentive scheme was extremely beneficial in helping Trigon finance their operations.
- Trigon manufactures products that will almost always be in need. They are supplying other companies with...

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