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Trina Essay

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Tralena Davis Exercise 1.1

Proper grammar is essential to writing accurate sentences. Correct sentences allows for comprehension. Each sentence will eventually construct a paragraph. Paragraphs incorporate reports, and reports are the bases for information.

Paragraphs may be keyed in block or indent form. When keying blocked paragraphs, merely tap the enter key twice. This allows for one blank line, thus separating one paragraph from another. When keying indented paragraphs, tap the Enter key twice and the Tab key to indicate indentation.

A minimum of three sentences should be used to comprise a paragraph. In developing paragraphs, it is customary to include an introductory sentences, and concluding or transitional sentences. This will allow for well-structured and coherent writing.

Exercise 1.2

Communication is the key to success. If you are able to read, write, and speak well, you will be able to accomplish almost anything. Therefore, make every effort to develop professional communication skills.

Developing effective communication skills requires concentration and awareness. However, you must be able to use proper grammar and develop a distinct speaking style. One way a person can begin correction his or her way of speaking is by taking a speech course. Using proper grammar requires focus and thought. Therefore, think before you speak. This practice will eventually lead to better writing skills also.

Attempt to utilize at least one aspect of every course taken. For example, if you take an English course, try to remember one element that was worthwhile and use it effectively. Correct conversational proficiency unlocks the doors to future enrichment. In just 30 seconds, you reveal something about yourself in the way you communicate. Keep in mind: you are what you project.

Exercise 1.3

A memo or memorandum is a form of written communication. It is less formal than a letter, and it is used as an interoffice...

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